BMX in Perkins Road BMX Track, Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA

Dirt track features:
Jumps, berms
Opening schedule:
Design specifications:
20" bikes
Baton Rouge is situated in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, USA. It is the state's capital and its second largest city. The area also known as the “Capitol City” rests in the southeast portion of the state along the Mississippi River.

Inside the capital of Louisiana, you will come across a beautiful park, the Baton Rouge Park. The park, besides offering a fun day in the countryside, features various activities for everyone. Especially benefited are the BMX riders, due to the existence of an awesome dirt track that provides fast running, high jumps, races and a lot of dirt!

Perkins Road BMX Track or as it is known by its manufacturers BREC’s BMX Raceway, is a BMX Dirt track situated next to the amazing Perkins Road Skate Park. The dirt track features nice jumps and big berms, sharp turns and rolling jumps. As it is a race track, there is a starting gate and a finish line.

Stay in touch with the team visiting the website to get informed of the upcoming races and operation schedule. The track is great in cool mornings, but on the down side, when it gets hot, it is kind of bumpy and the dirt gets rather bumpy and rocky.

Keep in mind that the track has rules of operation, so it is suggested to read them, before you decide to come and ride. It is a great track located on a unique spot, which combines both fun and adventure, making it a terrific daily destination!