Motocross in MCC Dornbirn, Dornbirn, Vorarlberg Austria

Track's length:
1700 m/5577 ft
Track's width:
2 - 5 m/6.6 - 16.4 ft
jumps (5 tables,1double jump,8 single jumps), 4 riparian curves
sandy, partially clay soil, no stones
Dornbirn is situated in western Voralberg in Austria, at 437 m/1433 ft above sea level, right on the Rhine Valley. The city lies on the foot of Karren Mountain which is part of Bregenz Forest Mountain chain just on the edge of the eastern Alps. It is near the borders with Switzerland, Germany and Lichtenstein. The city is the administrative center for the Dornbirn district that includes the market town Lustenau and the town of Hohenems.

Dornbirn is an attraction to a different kind of tourists. Sport tourists are visiting Dornbirn due to its big sporting activity and especially dirt activity. Motocross is a beloved dirt sport in a track that all dirt enthusiasts will love. MCC Dornbirn is a motocross heaven.

The track’s length is 1700 m /5577 ft long and the width is from 2 – 5 m / 6.6 – 16.4 ft wide. The track’s features are those that make it so popular. It offers jumps and 4 riparian curves. Jumps are 5 tables, 1 double jump and 8 single jumps. The ground is covered with sand and partially clay soil. There are no stones.

In order to preserve this perfectly suitable ground in shape, a tractor with rare blade is being used. What you see is what you get, as they say, so in order to see this amazing track, grab your motocross and go for a crazy ride! Don’t forget to bring water with you and a snack as there are no shops at a close distance area.