Mountain Biking in Hooper Road Park Trail, Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA

Trail length:
10 mi/16 km
2 hours
Year round
Climb - Descent:
+1200 ft/366 m / -1300 ft/396.2 m
Baton Rouge is situated in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, USA. It is the state's capital and its second largest city. The area also known as the “Capitol City” rests in the southeast portion of the state along the Mississippi River.

In Baton Rouge the only significantly long trail is Hooper Road Park Trail. It is situated at the intersection of Mickens and Hooper Road. It joins to Comite River trails that have an additional 5 mi/8 km of trails. This trail used to be a motorcycle trail, but it was so badly aggravated that the motorcyclists released it to mountain bikers.

Due to its length, it is overused and in a pretty bad shape, making it a very difficult route to ride. When the path is dry, it is hard dirt and when it is wet, it has slime and mud. It is suggested to have suspension, as it has a lot of big holes and roots. While some parts are quite challenging and technical, they are rarely a mess.

Lots of elevation and direction changes challenge you to overcome them. The BRAMBA team is in charge of the maintenance and upgrade of the trails, which continue to improve and grow. The jumps, obstacles, soil and elevation changes offer you a velocity upgrade, so you can ride really fast.

If you are a novice rider, make sure that you wear a helmet and be extra cautious of other riders, who can sneak from behind faster than you can imagine! Kind of technical with many roots that make it bumpy and challenging at times, it is a fun and nice surprise for mountain bikers that visit the area.