Skate Boarding in Baton Rouge (Perkins Road) Skate Park, Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA

Riding surface:
Surface size:
30000 ft²/2787 m²
Baton Rouge is situated in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, USA. It is the state's capital and its second largest city. The area also known as the “Capitol City” rests in the southeast portion of the state along the Mississippi River.

In Baton Rouge, one public skate park is extremely popular among skate board fans and practitioners. Baton Rouge Skate Park (aka Perkins Rd. Skatepark) is a concrete outdoor skate park, ready to please even the most quirky boarders. Situated at Perkins Rd and named after it, the skate park lies at an ideal location, eagerly waiting for you to ride it.

California Skateparks is responsible for this 30000 ft²/2787 m² concrete miracle, offering two 4 ft/1.2 m quarter pipes, rails, 3 bowls, benches, ramps, a funbox, berms, two table tops, a kicker, another rail, ledges and a spine in the middle of them. Another huge asset of the facility is the lighting equipment, which helps you roll on your favorite board in the dark.

The skatepark has very strict rules about using it, so it is suggested to spend 10 minutes reading them. The skate park is inside Baton Rouge Park and has many other amenities, making it a complete day destination. Community playground, rest rooms, concessions, first-come-first-served picnic tables with maximum capacity of 20 people are only some of the amenities. Don’t forget to skate safely, so it is highly recommended to wear a helmet.