Skydiving in Curitiba Metropolitan Area, Curitiba, Parana Brazil

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Curitiba is the capital of Parana State and the largest city in the South Region of Brazil. The city is located on a plateau at 932 m/3058 ft above sea level and at 105 km / 65 mi in the west of the seaport of Paranaguá, served by two international airports.The region of Curitiba, host city of the 2014 FIFA Wolrd Cup, is also well-known for its very good wind conditions, which favoring especially the free-fall flying activities.

Curitiba is not only an important center of economic, political and cultural influence in South America, but also a popular tourist destination. Curitiba offers several good spots for drop and landing locations for the funs of skydiving and the general mild climate ensures many suitable days for skydiving!

A couple of skydiving schools and drop-zones operate in the area, providing you with everything that is needed to live this one-in-a-lifetime experience. Fly free as a bird and feel the excitement and adrenaline reaching at the top. Skydiving in the Curitiba region, offers you the adrenaline rush you are looking for.

Don’t worry, if you have no previous experience, since the entire dive is guided and assisted by an experienced professional that will make you feel confident enough to jump and dive. The gear is also included in schools’ services.