Skydiving in Wanaka, South Island, Otago New Zealand

15,000 ft - 4,572 m/ 60 sec
12,000 ft - 3,657 m/ 45 sec
Wanaka is a small town in Central Otago in the South Island of New Zealand, situated on the south side of Lake Wanaka.

The town is surrounded by the awe-inspiring Southern Alps, with spectacular mountains such as the Crown Range, Haast Pass, Roys Peak and Pisa Range and is close to Mount Aspiring National Park (World Heritage Area). Despite the mountainous landscape, the climate is considered to be continental, with fairly warm summers and temperatures that can reach up to 25°C/77°F, and cold winters with frequent snowfalls.

Extreme sport lovers can enjoy skydiving here in Wanaka. Get strapped to your guide and jump  from a plane at 15,000 ft/4,572 m. You will make a free-fall of 124.27 mph/200 kph for 60 sec before the parachute opens! There is a cheaper option to jump at 12,000 ft/3,657 m for 45 sec.

Feel great amounts of adrenaline pumping inside your body while skydiving and taste the ultimate feeling of absolute freedom. When the parachute opens, you can relax and enjoy the breathtaking alpine view, the lakes and the magnificent wild forests.

Note: Put on warm clothes and closed-toe footwear.