Skydiving in Kingsfield Airfield, Dhekelia, Cyprus

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Maximum exit altitude:
Best season:
All year round
Coordinates :
35° 00' 45" N 33° 43' 00" E
Larnaca is a beautiful city, located on the southernmost coast of Cyprus and is fronted by the Mediterranean Sea. Rich in history, as it is the oldest city in Cyprus with numerous attractions, vibrant nightlife, great food and outstanding beaches, Larnaca is a favorite destination for holidays all year round.

Dhekelia is located on the southeast side of the island, only a few minutes away from Larnaca and is a British Overseas Territory. The area is surrounded by military bases and farmlands and the Kingsfield Airfield is part of the Eastern Sovereign Base Area. With an asphalt runway of 4101 ft/1250 m long, the airport is used for the Army Air Corps exercises, as well as for recreational flying and skydiving.

Dhekelia is characterized by typical Mediterranean climate, usually with hot and dry summers and mild, rainy winters. The hot summer season starts from mid May until mid October with average high temperatures of 32°C/90°F, while during winter the average temperatures are no lower than 7°C/45°F, making skydiving possible all year round.

The center provides experienced instructors for those who wish to take lessons, as well as tandem jumps for beginners. The airplanes take you to a maximum exit altitude of 12000 ft/3657 m above ground level and once you jump off the plane, you free fall for about 30 seconds before you open your parachute. After that, you can gently soar for five minutes until you safely reach the landing spot.

The stunning views of the beautiful coastline and the endless farmlands, combined with the thrilling adventure of skydiving will definitely amaze you. The skydiving center operates during weekends all year round and early booking is necessary. If you are visiting Cyprus, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the center and enjoy a high adrenaline activity that you will never forget!