Skydiving in Rochelle, Ogle County, Illinois USA

Jump Height:
18000 ft/5486 m
Weight limit:
Rochelle is a city situated in Ogle County, Illinois, USA. Being at the intersection of many major transportation routes, it is also known as the Hub City. Rochelle lies along the Kyte River or as it is also known to locals Kyte Creek.

If you are an enthusiast of air sports and big heights, there is a place for you near Chicago, Rochelle. Skydiving is the ultimate air sport, full of excitement and meant to be only for the daring ones. It is not easy to take this step into the vacuum.

First you have to make the right decision and then the rest is routine! Call a skydiving company and book your flight, as appointments are essential. The unique part of skydiving in Rochelle is that it is the only place in the Midwest US offering skydiving at 18000 ft/5486 m!!!!

When you reach the airport, you will receive a half hour orientation and then your tandem master will literally take you to the skies. Together you will climb up to 18000 ft/5486 m and enjoy an amazing free fall of about one and a half minute!! Due to your position in front of the skydiving instructor, you will have the impression that you are flying on your own.

Take the chance to feel the absolute freedom and after this mind blowing free fall, try to bring your heartbeats to a normal pace, while soaring over the magnificent view of Chicago, right after your instructor opens the gigantic canopy.

Next follows the landing part, which will be smooth and gentle with the help of your instructor. Skydiving in Rochelle is an unforgettable experience that you shouldn’t miss!!!