Scuba Diving in St George Island, Chrysochou Bay, Cyprus

Skill level:
Maximum depth:
Access :
By boat
Polis Chrysochous is a town located on the bay of Polis, on the north west side of the island, close to Paphos and is the ideal getaway for those who wish to combine recreational activities and relaxation. With an amazing coastline and surrounded by mountains and plains, as well as the Akamas nature reserve, famous for the Baths of Aphrodite, Polis is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Cyprus.

The area has Subtropical Mediterranean climate with warm and rainy winters and an average temperature of 12°C/54°F and hot and humid summers, with an average temperature of 32°C/89°F, with frequent heatwaves in July and August. There is a wide variety of water sports available to be performed on the spot and without a doubt scuba diving is definitely one of  the favorite activities for both locals and visitors.

St George Island is located in the Akamas marine reserve, on the north side of the island and is one of the few wall dives available in Cyprus. Approached only by boat from Latsi Marina, St George island is a deep dive, suitable for experienced divers. The diving site provides a sudden drop off that goes up to 164 ft/50 m down with excellent visibility and low current.

The marine biodiversity is very interesting, as divers come across clouds of damsels, barracuda, octopuses and colorful sponges. The drop off starts from 32 ft/10 m deep and takes you down onto a geologically interesting slope covered with sea grass. There are no dangers on the spot. However divers should be careful of boat traffic and depth. St George Island is certainly one of the must diving spots in the area. Don’t miss it!