Scuba Diving in MS Zenobia Wreck, Larnaca, Cyprus

Skill level:
Maximum depth:
32-98 ft/10-30 m
Access :
By Boat
Larnaca is a beautiful city, located in the southernmost coast of Cyprus and is fronted by the Mediterranean Sea. Rich in history as it is the oldest city in Cyprus with numerous attractions, vibrant nightlife, great food and outstanding beaches, Larnaca is a favorite destination for tourists during summer.

Larnaca has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild rainy winters. The hot summer season starts from mid May until mid October with average high temperatures at 32°C/90°F while during winter the average temperatures are no lower than 7°C/45°F.

MS Zenobia was a Swedish ferry that capsized and sank in 1980, close to Larnaca on her first journey, due to electronic problems with the ballast system. It is a huge vessel up to 584 ft/178 m long and holds a very good position among the best wreck dives in the world. Resting at the sandy bottom of the see floor at 141 ft/43 m deep, Zenobia went down with all its equipment and vessels on board.

The wreck is ideal for all divers to explore, all year round with many things to see such as the huge propeller home to a moray eel, the hull which is covered with marine vegetation, trucks and trailers scattered around the bottom at a depth of 82 ft/25 m, while two of them are still hanging on chains from the deck.

For the most advanced and technically trained divers, penetration into the hull of the ship offers an exciting adventure as they can dive through the ship’s main and second lorry decks and the engine room. This is an amazing dive, easily accessed by boat from the port in Larnaca. It is best to book an organized tour or hire a local guide who can take you directly to the wreck  with a boat. Don’t forget to take with you a camera as well as reels and torches.