Skydiving in Sundsvall, Norrland, Sweden

Located in the middle of Sweden, Sundsvall is the capital of Norrland and unarguably a very modern city. It is a place where nature was very generous in worth-seeing landscapes and is also ideal because here the Scandi mountains meet the Nordic sea.

Starting in the 17th century, Sundsvall became gradually the industrial center of Northern Sweden, but during the last decades the whole area has been invested more in development of trade and education. Nowadays, Sundsvall is a place, where even the most demanding visitor will hardly do not get compensated for his choice.

However, if you want your visit in Sundsvall to be truly unforgettable, we suggest you to try something really extreme! And, believe me, there are very few things more extreme than skydiving!

Sundsvall’s main drop zone is above Bänkås airport, in Alnö island, where you can skydive alone or tandem with an experienced instructor. Also, rarely is used as a drop zone the Sundsvall airport. The full course includes 30 jumps, lots of theory, insurance of course and the appropriate equipment.

If you want to attend a real great event, then you can’t miss the annual skydiving festival in Sundsvall each summer, when skydivers from Sweden and Norway gather for 10 days to practice their passion and party! Just take the courageous decision and let the adrenaline reach its climax!