Skydiving in Playa Del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo Mexico

Jump Height:
10500 ft/3200 m
20°37′39″N 87°04′52″W
Live your skydiving moment in Playa Del Carmen, an actually magical destination offering just a little bit of freedom and a wide range of tourist activities, incomparable to any other place!

Playa Del Carmen is a popular city for tourists, as it is part of the well-known Riviera Maya district. The city is located along the Caribbean Sea in Quintana Roo of Mexico. Due to its strategic location, Playa del Carmen is at the midpoint of main sights such as Xcaret, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal and Tulum which is about one hour drive from Cancun.

Now it’s about time to dare and try skydiving. It’s no big deal in reality, even though you cannot believe it. It’s absolutely safe and school trainers can even fly with you! Skydiving schools there, provide fully trained and licensed staff with many years of experience. So, fear is a word missing in your vocabulary!

Training takes approximately 6 hours, including aircraft procedures, opening sequence of parachutes, emergency situations, landing techniques and practical exercises in body positions for exit and freefall. Jumping from approximately 10500 ft/3200 m, a jump-master holds on to you as you perform a series of altitude, body and ground awareness exercises. At 4500 ft/1371 m, you pull your own ripcord and fly your ramp air canopy to the ground. All parachute rigs are equipped with square main, reserve parachute and an emergency parachute opener.

The parachutes are double sized for 2 people, giving soft openings and landings. Tandem is one of the most popular skydiving programs and takes just 20 minutes. This jump includes a 45 second freefall, with an 8 minute canopy ride while you’re attached to your jump-master. If this is going to be your first skydive, you need to dress comfortable for the weather. Wear your running shoes, t-shirt, jeans or shorts and you are on your way for a unique experience!

Playa Del Carmen consists of wonderful places to discover. Paseo Del Carmen mall is designed with Mediterranean style and it’s out of 5th Avenue along with the most popular restaurants, bars and shops. A range of great golf hotels in the area of Playacar are also top places to visit during your skydiving adventure. Just enjoy!!!