Skydiving in Salvador, Bay of all Saints, Bahia Brazil

Drop height:
11.000ft/3.353m or 14.000ft/4.267m
Level of experience:
Salvador is the capital of the State of Bahia, located in the northeast coast of Brazil. Salvador is the largest city, as well as the third most populous metropolitan area in the whole country, after Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. According to Guinness Book, the Carnival of Salvador is the biggest party on the planet, while Porto da Barra Beach has been listed as the third most beautiful beach in the world. The Historic Center of Salvador has been granted as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

There is no much more to say why ”the capital of happiness” is among the first choices of tourists worldwide. Apart from museums, sightseeings, restaurants and parties, you may also exercise in the area plenty of extreme sports, including skydiving.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional jumper, you will follow an initiation course before your take off. Guidelines on redifining your body during the free drop or how to practice manoeuvers are included in the courses. Depending on the level of ability, jumpers can practice 90 or 360 degrees maneuvers. Your instruction will include how to make 360-degree turns, along with a review of previous body maneuvers.

Admire from above, the magnificent Bay of all Saints from an altitude of 11000 ft/3353 m or 14000 ft/4267 m. Skydiving instructors will assist you with instructions in the air from the moment you jump from the aircraft until your landing.

There are schools that offer you the chance to admire the scenic view of the city by having a deep dive from breathtaking altitudes, feeling the rush of adrenaline conquering your whole body. All necessary equipment is provided while the dives are guided by experienced professionals.