Le Parcour / Free Running in Schlachte, Bremen, Bremen Germany

stairs, railings, walls and walls in different level of difficulty
beginners to advance
Bremen is a hanseatic city, situated in northwestern Germany. It is a major port on the River Weser and it is part of the Bremen – Oldenburg metropolitan area. Bremen is the third most popular city in northern Germany and tenth in Germany.

The architecture of Bremen is designed in such a way that turns the city into every parkour performer dream. If you practice parkour, you will find several spots in Bremen to have fun! One great spot for parkour is in Schlachte. On this particular spot, apart from experts, there are novice parkour performers who can challenge their skills and boost their adrenaline levels.

The training is done either with Thu Pk – weight training way or with T technology with care free practice. The obstacles that you will have to overcome are stairs, railings, walls and walls in different level of difficulty. The level of experience is from beginners to advance.  So why bothering in finding shortcuts to your way? Overcome the obstacles and run free!