Skydiving in Diani Beach, Kwale, Coast Province Kenya

10000 ft/ 3048 m
Free Fall:
40 sec
Diani Beach is a famous beach resort situated on the Indian coast of Kenya ( in eastern Africa). It is also located 30 km/ 9 mi south of Mombasa in the nearby Kwale County. Diani Beach boasts an indigenous flora. The white sandy beach incorporated with the clear turquoise waters offers a perfect choice for an amazing beach holiday.

Apart from the common Kenyan coast water sports, Diani beach hosts an annual sky dive boogie which brings together experienced and novice skydivers from all over the world to experience the thrill of  free falling with perfect sea level altitude and warm equatorial temperatures. In Diani Beach you will find skydiving schools that in order to satisfy all skydiving junkies, operates this thrilling activity year round.

Now get ready to feel the most exciting 40 sec  of your life, while you find yourself at 10000 ft/ 3048 m height. This tandem skydiving experience will become an unforgettable one!! Your flight speed would reach approximately 200kmh / 124 mph .  Furthermore, for those who want to become leaders of this activity, the spot offers schools that are ready to teach you who to make this dream come true.

At 500 ft/152 m  your parachute will start to deploy, while you admire the stunning view of the beach and safely land in the landing area. The best skydives are definitely the special sunset dives, these are scheduled to let divers glide across the beach as the sun dips into the horizon!!