Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Nyali Beach, Mombasa, Coast Province Kenya

Wave lengths :
3-4 m during high tide / 9-13 ft
Wind Strengths:
16-28 knots
Full Moon Kitesurfing:
Nyali Beach is located at 10 km/6 mi from Mombasa's city center and approximately at 15 km/9 mi from the Mombasa International airport. Nyali Beach is the whitest and widest one along the north coast.

The beach actually slopes at an angle and water depths actually depend on tides. The amazing part is that there is always water even at low springs compared to other locations of the north coast. Kitesurfing at the Nyali beach like many beaches in Mombasa relies on the seasons, mainly known as kaskazi and kusi.

Kusi, the southerly east winds normally blow from May through to August with May being the rainy season. Kaskazi on the other hand howls in from around December through to March.

Mombasa generally has consistent cross-shore at different strengths throughout the year. During the Kaskazi season, it is normally hot with temperatures at 30-35°C/86-95°F and wind strength standing at 16-22 knots. Kusi on the other hand brings in cooler day at 22-28°C/71.6-82.4°F and wind strength at 22-28 knots.

One can find great swells at times and other occasions just flat water. Wave lengths at high tides could get between 3-4 m/9-13 ft. The reef at Nyali is almost 1 km/1093.6 yd with inner waves running the whole coastline. The tropical climate allows surfing most of the year with the best months being January/February or July/August.