Skydiving in Winterset, Madison County, Iowa USA

Jump Height:
10000-14000 ft / 3048-4267 m
120 mph /193.12 kph
Winterset Municipal Airport is located at 2 mi/4 km in the north of the central business district of Winterset, a city situated in Madison County, Iowa, United States.

If you are an enthusiast of air sports, West Des Moines offers you the most appropriate place, with the best conditions. So, if you dare to feel the ultimate freedom, just book your skydiving experience and let your wishes come true.

Your activity takes place in Winterset Municipal Airport, formerly known as Winterset-Madison County Airport. The airport is located approximately 30 minutes far from downtown Des Moines. Before starting your adventure, you will receive a brief demonstration of what you will experience. The well-skilled instructors are willing to satisfy all your needs, before the flight of your life!

So, take a deep breath and fly up to an altitude of 10000-14000 ft /3048-4267 m, reaching a freefall speed of 120 mph /193.12 kph. After 40 seconds of free fall, you are at 5000 ft /1524 m above ground. Now, it’s time to deploy your parachute and safety land in the landing area. It only takes 5-10 minutes to get on the ground, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and let your heartbeat go back to normal!

Don’t forget to take some extreme photos of this memorable day! Apart from an unforgettable experience, the airport also offers amenities, such as bunkhouse, showers, camping, telephone and Internet access. So, don’t wait any longer, come and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience!!