Skydiving in Cuautla, Morelos, Morelos Mexico

Falling Speeds:
Falling Duration:
5 to 7 min
Skydiving from:
2743m/9000ft or 3962m/13000ft
Cuautla is a city and municipality in the Mexican state of Morelos. The meaning of Cuautla is "Place where the eagles roam". Cuautla is at 110 km/68.3 mi southern of Mexico City.

Skydiving at Cuautla is a great extreme spot. Either you do it for your first time or not, there are experienced instructors who will help you. After some paperwork and a short instruction for security rules, you wear the appropriate skydiving equipment. You should wear comfortable and warm clothing. The adventure is about to be launched.

You board on a plane, reaching at an altitude of 2743 m/9000 ft or 3962 m/13000 ft (whatever you will choose) the door of the plane will open. The time that you have to jump has come. The time stops for an instant and your heart beat as fast as you are falling at speeds of 241.4 kph/150 mph. The sense of flying is amazing. For the rest 5 or 7 minutes you will feel free. It’s the most exciting feeling of your life.

Skydiving is an extreme sport that is dependent on the weather. If the weather conditions are bad, your skydiving plans may be cancelled. Take care of booking your skydiving as soon as you can. Skydiving at Cuautla is an amazing experience that you will really want to do it again and again.