Bungee Jumping in Wild Canyon Adventures, El Tule Canyon, Baja California Sur Mexico

Gondola's Height:
Age Restriction:
Over 10 years old
Weight Restriction:
40.3kg/89lbs to 109kg/240lbs
Comfortable Clothing
Wild Canyon Adventures is located in the southwestern side of San José del Cabo. San José del Cabo is one of the two most famous towns in the municipality of Los Cabos. It also belongs to the Baja California Sur Mexican state, in the southern area of Baja California Peninsula.

Bungee Jumping at Wild Canyon Adventures is an epic experience that everyone should live. Wild Canyon Adventures is a park, at 22 km/14 mi away from San José del Cabo. By using a cable car, you reach the gondola, standing at a height of 91.4 m/300 ft above the ground and from which all courageous are called to jump off into the air. You should wear comfortable clothing.

In this park, your children over 10 years old may have the opportunity to perform bungee jumping too. There is also a weight restriction where admitted limits range from 40.3 kg/89 lbs to 109 kg/240 lbs. Don’t forget to make your reservation at least 48 hours in advance.

You can be reassured that the guides are very experienced, taking all necessary security requirement. Your safety becomes their top priority, willing to assist you in your venture. Unfortunately, bungee jumping at Wild Canyon Adventures is weather dependent. If there are bad weather conditions, your plans may be canceled.