Bungee Jumping in Duisburg, Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany

Jump height:
50 m/164 ft
Düsseldorf is the center of the Rhine – Ruhr metropolitan region and the capital city of the German state of North Rhine – Westphalia. It is known for its fine arts, its relatively large Japanese community and its pioneering influence on experimental – electronic music. Nonetheless, Düsseldorf is also famous for its extreme sports activities, being performed in the wider area.

Experience the most thrilling and intense moments of your life in Duisburg at about 30 minutes in the south of Düsseldorf.  Bungee Jumping is the ultimate fun sport. Extreme can be only for the head, for bungee jumping it is mental tension and pure devotion. It is an adventure for your senses that you will never forget.

You will be roped at a height of 50 m /164 ft above the ground on a crane. When you are ready, just count backwards and jump! Total duration of your adventure will be lasting 1 ½ hours. For safety reasons, the jump action will be interrupted or postponed if strong winds and thunderstorms prevail the weather forecast. However the jump takes place in the rain.

You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes with flat soles and ankle free. Do dare to challenge your limits and jump into a whole new experience from above.