Bungee Jumping in Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown, Otago New Zealand

141ft / 43 m
Queenstown is considered by many sportsmen as the capital of extreme sports. It is situated in Otago region, in the South Island, New Zealand.

The spot is surrounded by Lake Wakatipu and the awe-inspiring Southern Alps. Kawarau River lies on the east side of Queenstown, beginning its course from Lake Wakatipu and extending at 60 km/37 mi further away, until it merges with Lake Dunstan. The river and the surrounding area has been used as the setting for the film Lord of the Rings.

Kawarau Bridge, at 141ft / 43 m above the river level, is the spot where the first bungee jumps took place in 1988, a place all bungee-jumping lovers should visit and experience.  Here you have the option of suspending above the water or doing a complete splashdown.

You can access Kawarau Bridge through the main road that connects Queenstown and Cromwell. Allow one hour, if you get there with your own car.