Wind Surfing in La Ventana, El Sargento, Baja California Sur Mexico

High Season:
November to April
Skill Level:
All Levels
Wind Direction:
Maximum Wind Speed:
La Ventana is a coastal resort town, situated on the south-eastern side of Baja California Sur, Mexican state and on the eastern of La Paz municipality. It is bordered to the west by the Pacific Ocean and to the east by the Gulf of California. It is a famous wind-surfing spot for its consistent north wind.

La Ventana is a sandy and sunny beach. Many people visit the spot in order to enjoy the sun and of course perform their favorite water sport. Wind-surfing is one of them. La Ventana is popular amongst wind-surfers and kiters, as it provides with great conditions.

Dominant wind at La Ventana is coming from the north, north-west and south-west. More specifically, a combination of El Nortes and local thermal winds create the ideal weather conditions for wind-surfing. During the high season, lasting from November to April, surfers enjoy the medium-sized swells. This is the period that most wind-surfers visit La Ventana. The wind speed ranges from 13 knots/24 kph to 25 knots/46.3 kph. As for the water temperature, this is a spot that you will need a full wetsuit, especially in winter. It averages to 21.1°C/70°F while the rest of the year, it is pretty higher. If you plan to spend your winter vacations at La Ventana, don’t forget to bring warm clothing, as the temperature can get as low as 10°C/50°F at night. Generally the temperature fluctuates from 10°C/50°F to 23.8°C/75°F.

Whether you are an expert or a novice, you should definitely put this spot in the top of your ”must-visit” list!!!