Surfing in Zippers, San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur Mexico

Swell Size:
1m/3.3ft to 2m+/6.6ft+
Good Swell Direction:
Good Wind Direction:
N, NW, W, NE
Skill Level:
All Levels
Zippers is located in the southwestern side of San José del Cabo. San José del Cabo belongs to the municipality of Los Cabos, in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. The state is situated on the southern area of Baja California Peninsula, in northwestern Mexico.

With a tropical desert climate, the average temperature in San José del Cabo is at about 26°C/78.8°F all year round. It’s a quite sunny town with many rainfalls during the hurricane period. Fortunately, it lasts for only 3 months per year and more specifically from August to October. The best period to perform surfing is from July to December.

Zippers is a popular surfing spot among surfers, as it offers great surfing conditions. The size of the swell starts working from 1 m/3.3 ft and holds up to 2 m/6.6 ft and more. The best swell direction is from south, southwest, southeast, while the best wind direction is from the north, northwest, west, northeast. The wave’s length is normal and it ranges from 50 m/164 ft to 150 m/492 ft. In addition, the wave comes usually from the right. The water’s temperature fluctuates from 19°C/66.2°F during the winter’s months to 26.7°C/80°F in summer.

Novices surfers may attend some lessons on the spot during the weekdays, as the beach is ultra crowded at weekends. Qualified and experienced instructors would love to help out new surfers. Finally surfers should be careful of urchins and rocks.