Wingsuit Flying in Palm Jumeirah Island, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Maximum altitude:
Best season:
All year round
Dubai is most certainly an amazing destination. It is both a dynamic world wide business center and a touristic wonderland, offering all kind of attractions, luxury hotels and fine dining.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates with the largest population located on the Persian Gulf and has became a global city with major modern architectural and technological wonders. Impressive skyscrapers and high rise buildings, artificial islands with unique shapes, fountains that shoot water as high as 500 ft/150 m combined with music and light beams, intense nightlife and many cultural and sport events make Dubai the cosmopolitan center of Saudi Arabia peninsula.

One of the most breathtaking spots in the world for wing-suite flying is the drop zone over the Palm Jumeirah island. With perfect weather conditions all year round and wide open space with many amazing views, this high adrenaline experience is gaining popularity over the past few years. In order to book a wing-suite fly, you need to have completed at least 200 to 300 successful skydive jumps first.

The maximum jump altitude is at 13000 ft/3962 m above the sea level. From this height, views over the palm island and the landscape around it are just breathtaking. Wingsuite flying is considered to be an exhilarating, high adrenaline extreme sport for the adventure seekers. The idea is, after you jump off the airplane, to have as much fun flying like a bird as possible before you pull the parachute cord.

Once you experience the beauty of free-fall, you will be stuck with it and ask for more. Dubai is one of the best places on the planet for wing-suite flying, having also hosted the World Parachuting Championship with great success. So wait no longer, pack your bags and organize a “ bird flight” over Dubai’s incredible city.