BMX in El Ejido, Almeria, Andalusia Spain

El Ejido Skatepark
El Ejido is a municipality of Almeria province, in the autonomous community of west Andalusia. It lies between the mountain range of Sierra de Gador and the Mediterranean Sea. Neighboring municipalities are Dalias and Vicar, Berja and Roquetas de Mar.

El Ejido enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters (12°C/53.60°F) and hot summers (28°C/82.40°F). Rainfall is low with wettest months being December and January. El Ejido is built in such a way that makes BMX a wonderful sport to practice.













The town is full of sidewalks, ramps or mini-ramps, stairs and street constructions perfect for BMX. There are some small parks with mini ramps, half pipes, or even trails for grinds, and spots for air and flatland tricks. You can find a lot of handmade constructions too.

Visit El Ejido Skatepark at Paseo de las Lomas, with two floor and two bars minipipes or super minipipes, ramps and more. Just across the street is the old skatepark you can train yourself too. There is a lot of BMX activity going on, meetings, and competitions, clubs, groups and teams.