BMX in Mellowpark, Berlin, Berlin Germany

Park size:
60000 m²/645830 ft²
Dirt,Rudy Resterampe,Wickes Woody,Bielfield halfpipe,TNT ramp
Practice fee:
Pay by the hour
Berlin is the capital city of Germany and one of the 16 states in Germany. It is the largest city and second most popular in Germany and ninth most popular in the European Union. It is situated on the River Spree in northeastern Germany and is the center of the Berlin – Brandenburg Metropolitan Region. Berlin is a world city of politics, media, culture, science and of course sports!

In Berlin there is a lot of BMX activity. At the southeast of the city, on the Spree with the breathtaking scenery of the old town of Köpenick, lies Mellowpark. It is a big, sporting activity area of 60000 m²/645830 ft² that offers many sport options. One of them, which is very popular among BMX riders is BMX Freestyle.

The outdoor area offers many opportunities of tricks and show off! You can choose between dirt and the rest of the park, which has amazing specifications. The Rudi Resterampe with spine, wall ride, box and various other obstacles is one great option. Another option is the Wickes Woody, which is a mini ramp landscape. It has a massive Subbox, a Doppelcopingspine, an embedded table in the further ramp and a hip.

Even if these aren’t enough, you can always choose between the legendary Bielfield halfpipe and the TNT ramp, which is a 20 m (65.7 ft) wide mini ramp for all BMX enthusiasts! It has various extensions, elevators and wall rides.

After the start not too much pedaling is taking place. It is all about jumping through the sets and pumping through the take – offs and landings! It is an awesome place to ride your BMX like you always wanted; freestyle. Bear in mind that there is payment by the hour.