Paragliding in Huajchilla, La Paz, Bolivia

Wind Direction:
Wind Speed :
4 kph / 2 knots
Half Day
Nuestra Senora de la Paz or Out Lady of Peace in English is the third most populous city of Bolivia. La Paz is situated on the western side of Bolivia at an elevation of 3650 m / 11975 ft above sea level. It was also named as one of the New7Wonders Cities by the New7Wonders Foundation in 2014.

Being a highly sought after place, La Paz hosts a huge amount of visitors every year. Visiting this place it is sure that you will have the chance to enjoy yourself in an utterly adventurous way. As it is a famous place for the experience of different activities, Paragliding has the potential to become the core of your excitement.

So if you are a paragliding enthusiast, visit La Paz now and perform the activity of paragliding with one of the qualified instructors that you will find close to the spot. Huajchilla is where your activity will take place. It is located south of La Paz and offers great conditions for the experience of Paragliding. You have to know that all paragliding lessons are scheduled at 7:00 am and your activity lasts half a day. The fact that you have to run 50 m/ 164 ft on a dirty slope, makes your activity more challenging!!!

Once your activity reaches the end, you can have some fun in the boisterous city of La Paz.