Paragliding in Huayllani, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
6 kph / 3 knots
Cochabamba is a beautiful city in central Bolivia. It is situated in a valley bearing the same name in the Andes Mountain Range and it is the capital of Cochabamba Department. Cochabamba is known as "The Garden City" and the "City of Eternal Spring" because of its Spring like temperatures all year round.

Being the fourth largest city in Bolivia, Cochabamba is a destination spot attracted by a lot of people. Some of them tend to enjoy every second of their life. Just for those seeking an unforgettable adventure, Cochabamba offer a great place.

"Paragliding in Huayllani"Huayllani is a spot, where the activity of paragliding gains its accurate meaning. It is part of the Tunari mountain range and is located approximately 2-3 km/1.3-1.9 mi far from the principal road of Cochabamba to Sacaba. The appropriate season to perform paragliding in Huayllani is from September-November and April -June.

"Paragliding in Huayllani"It is advised that you paraglide in the morning due to the windy afternoons. The spot is characterized of thermal winds and great conditions for the experience of this activity. In the vicinity of the spot, you will find a lot of schools that perform paragliding with success.

After the experience of paragliding, you can enjoy yourself in the city of Cochabamba that offers a plethora options.