Paragliding in Mount Caburn, East Sussex, South East England United Kingdom

Skill Level:
All Para-gliders
Best Wind Direction:
South, Southeast
East Sussex is located in the south of England. The county enchants visitors with its scenic coastline, historic towns, and unspoilt landscapes. But that is not all, East Sussex also provides a great number of recreational activities for visitors and locals alike.

Mount Caburn is located in the east of Lewes, the capital city of East Sussex. The spot is one of the highest peaks in East Sussex and it is very popular among para-gliders. The launch area is on the top of the hill and the launch altitude stands at 137 m/449.4 ft. The GPS coordinates for the take off are 50°51’41” (50.8615)N; 0°3’3″ (0.0509)E.

The landing spot is a large grassed area that nestles between the railway and the road. It is advisable not to overfly the cottages, which are close to the landing field. In addition, the GPS coordinates for the landing are 50°51’27” (50.8577)N; 0°3’25” (0.057)E. It should be noted that, the ideal wind direction is from the south, southeast. Finally, the location is appropriate for both the novice and expert para-glider pilot, as there are training centers with qualified instructors, if you need to learn the basics. Enjoy the flight and the stunning views of the green landscape.