Sailing in Schinias Beach, Marathonas, Attica Region Greece

Best wind direction:
From May until late September
Schinias is a well known coastal resort in Attica region, located approximately at 45 km / 28 mi north east of Athens, Greece. Thanks to its natural and marine beauty, especially during summer months, Schinias hosts an overwhelming number of tourists. Most of them are water sport enthusiasts.

Sailing enthusiasts and lovers of adventure will definitely appreciate the incredible spot of Schinias Beach. Just few steps away from the busy city center of Arhens, you can find an enjoyable boisterous sound of excitement. During summer months, this place is getting packed with tourists and sailing junkies as well.

Schinia Beach hosts both novices and experts of sailing. Beginner will have the opportunity to learn how to perform this activity, as many schools with qualified instructors can be found on the spot. Those who are able to lead the ropes of sailing can admire this marine beauty alone. In addition, this perfect place for sailing welcomes people with disabilities and promises to offer them a day full of excitement.

With strong south winds and average wind speed about 1-4 bf /3-15 kn, it is certain that you will have a perfect sailing experience. From May until late September, with great wind conditions, loud music and unlimited beauty of the crystal waters, Schinias Beach is the first and most powerful option for anyone spending one’s holidays, both local and foreign visitors.

Spending some days of your summer at this place will make you realize that Schinias Beach is the place to be!