Paintball in Invader Paintball Park, Malakasa, Attica Region Greece

Provided at the Center
Mount Parnitha is situated in the North Athens regional unit and is the highest mountain range of Attica. Much of this densely forested mountain is designated a national park, and is a protected habitat for wild birds. Malakasa lies on the northeast side of the Parnitha mountain.

The Invader Paintball Park is the largest paintball center in Greece that extends 100 ac/0.40 km² of the total land area, in Malakasa. This amazing center is located just twenty five minutes from Athens and invites those seeking for moments of action and thrill to visit it!

The field is a natural landscape that features houses, bridges, sniper positions, observatories and a minefield in order to serve the scenarios and missions. All you have to do is to book in advance and gather a small or a larger group for a paintball battle, full of adrenaline rush! Note that, the spot provides all the necessary equipment for a safe and full of fun game.

Last but not least, the area caters good hotels at great rates and a vast number of restaurants with traditional cuisine that guarantee to satisfy your needs and wishes.