October 3 16:00

Le Parcour / Free Running in Red Bull Art of Motion

Oia - Santorini Island, Greece
Pro athletes participating:
Tricks, drops and runs will once again blow your mind in the upcoming 5th edition of Red Bull Art of Motion, in Santorini Greece on the 3rd of October.

Counting backwards the days for the epic free running competition of Red Bull Art of Motion, the 6 finalists from last year’s event as well as 7 runners from the On-line Qualifier and 5 from the On-site Qualifier will compete against each other in the amazing island of Santorini, Greece.

"Red Bull Art of Motion, Santorini"The event is set on an all new natural track moving from Caldera to Oia were the new location has brand new challenges for the runners plus the renowned island sunset for visitors. For those who didn’t make it as a participant to the event, there’s going to be lots of space to run around while top athletes from around the world will help you explore the free running paradise in Sntorini island.

"Red Bull Art of Motion, Santorini"The line up for Red Bull Art of Motion 2015 is: Dimitris “DK” Kirsanidis “DK” (GRE), Alexander Schauer (AUT), Pavel “Pasha” Petkuns (LAT), Yoann Leroux (FRA), Jesse Peveril (CAN), Alfred Scott (USA), Pedro Leon “Phosky” Gomez (ESP), Lynn Jung (LUX), Mohammed Didi Alaoui (MAR), Dante Grazioli (USA), Luci Romberg (USA), Pamela Forster (ΑUT)

For more info and schedule visit the Red Bull Art of Motion web site.

Red Bull TV live webcast: October 3rd at 3:00 pm CEST. Watch it here