Wind Surfing in Jabberwock Beach, Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda

Wind direction:
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Jabberwock Beach is situated on the north-east shore of Antigua. Antigua belongs to Leeward Islands, on the north-eastern Caribbean Sea and on the western Atlantic Ocean. Its capital is St. John and it is just at 10.2 km/6.3 mi away from Jabberwock Beach.

Jabberwock Beach is a really breezy beach. The usual northeast winds is the reason why Jabberwock Beach is the most popular destination for kite-surfing, as well as wind-surfing. There are two high seasons when the waves get really tough. The first one lasts from December to April and the second from June to July. During these periods the average wind speed is 20 knots. As for the rest of the months, the wind speed get lower with an average of 15 knots. The least windy months are October and November. In winter, temperature of water is about 23˚C/73.4˚F , while in summer is about 26˚C/78.8˚F.

This white sandy beach has the perfect conditions to take your first lesson on wind-surfing. However, these strong winds of Jabberwock Beach may offer to professionals an amazing windsurfing experience. In any case, there are many schools on the beach, where friendly instructors can help you reach your goals.