Wind Surfing in Whitecrest Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA

Best wind direction:
West, Northwest
Swell direction:
West, Northwest
Whitecrest beach in Wellfleet is another beautiful, sandy beach of the Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachussets, USA.

It is also known as the Surfer’s beach because of the strong waves, which make the beach an attractive destination for surfers. It is ideal for surfers of all levels of experience. Good wind directions for surfers come from the Northwest and West and good swell directions is from the Northwest and West.

The swell varies more or less from 1 m/3 ft to 3 m/9 ft. The waves are rough enough to give some fun rides, but most of the days the ride’s length is rather short. At the weekends, the beach is packed with people so if you want to enjoy your time there, you should arrive early in the morning or during the week.

It is close to Weelfleet, where one can find places to enjoy a good meal and in general to have a pleasant stay. It is a popular spot with many tourists in the summer.