Wind Surfing in Safety Bay, Perth, Western Australia Australia

Skill Level:
All Levels
Best Period:
October - April
Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, located on the Swan River. The climate here is classified as Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers and cool and wet winters. Immerse yourself in the unique combination of stunning natural surroundings, beautiful beaches with clear waters, greenery park-lands and outstanding city architecture that attract visitors all year long.

Safety Bay is a southern suburb of Perth and the ideal destination for a number of water-sports. It is popular amongst windsurfers and kiters, as it provides with great sea breeze conditions, especially from October to April. It is usually very crowded, but it is not a problem, as there are designated areas for windsurfing and kite-surfing.

Safety Bay, as the name implies, is an appropriate spot for both the beginner and the experienced windsurfer, due to flat, shallow water. In addition, the best wind direction is from the southwest, west. Furthermore, the spot is protected from tides and swells by the reefs. It is highly recommended to keep a distance from the turn nestling area.

Last but not least, there are windsurfing schools and shops at your disposal. Note: be careful of jellyfish.