Wind Surfing in Sorobon Beach, Sorobon, Bonaire Netherlands Antilles

Wind direction:
Always at the same direction, on the coast
Water temperature:
28 °C / 83 °F
Bonaire is a Caribbean Island and part of the ABC Islands, located off the north coast of South America and situated at about 50 mi/ 80 km in the western of Venezuela.

Welcome to the place that will trigger the best memories of your life. This place gathers all windsurfing enthusiasts providing them with great wind conditions, comfortable hotels, cozy restaurants and unlimited views of the marine beauty.

Sorobon Beach is an inner bay of about six football fields. It is considered as one of the most appropriate places to exercise windsurfing. Many international and national windsurfing competitions take place at Sorobon Beach every year.

The constant trade wind makes windsurfing a routine for locals of Bonaire. Sorobon Beach hosts professional windsurfers as well as those who have never tried this kind of activity. In the vicinity of the spot, you will find two windsurfing schools that can help you in whatever you need. In this extremely popular beach you will find knee deep water with temperature of about 28 °C/83 °F. The wind always blows from the same direction, to the coast. That’s why Sorobon Beach is known as the safest place for windsurfing.

Just get prepared for temperatures like 12 °C / 54 °F off the equator and simultaneously for the time of your life. Before you visit Bonaire, you have to know that a vehicle is needed. Furthermore, it is recommended to use a travel agent for flying to Bonaire, as there are no ferry services between Bonaire and Aruba, Venezuela or Curacao.