Wind Surfing in Green Island, Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda

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Green Island is a small island that is situated in the eastern side of Nonsuch Bay, in Antigua. Antigua belongs to Leeward Islands, in the eastern of Caribbean. It's a sunny island with 365 beautiful beaches, one for each day of the year.

Green Island has excellent conditions for wind-surfing. The beach where wind-surfing takes place is on the north coast of the island. The low rainfall and its clear turquoise water give the opportunity to wind-surfers for a really enjoyable experience.

The north-east winds that Green Island receives make it a fabulous place for wind-surfing. The temperatures are about 26˚C/78.8˚F with a difference of 5-6 degrees between winter and summer. The intensity of the wind ranges from 10 knots (October, November) to 20 knots (from December to April). The water temperature averages about 25˚C/77˚F during all year. Green Island is a place where wind-surfing is feasible during all year round, except from the hurricane period. It lasts from July to October but the bad weather conditions are temporary, thus making wind-surfing not impossible to be practiced.

The only disadvantage is that Green Island is uninhabited. So the only way to do wind-surfing in Green Island is to take a boat from Nonsuch Bay just for 5 minutes. This transfer may be assumed by the wind-surfing school-shop that has a seat on the beach in front of Nonsuch Beach Resort as well as on the beach of Green Island. Friendly instructors will give beginners the appropriate tips to immerse them into the world of wind-surfing. Definitely, they will be useful and experienced too.