Wind Surfing in Melville Water, Perth, Western Australia Australia

Best wind directions:
West and northwest
Melville Water is a significant section of the Swan River, at the suburb of Applecross at about 8 km/4 mi from Perth in Western Australia. It is located at the west and downstream of Perth Water from which it is separated from the Narrows Bridge.

The beach has easy access and it is a great place for all levels of windsurfers. The long shallow area creates ideal conditions for amateur practitioners. During a normal sea breeze, the wind will be slightly less strong, compared to the one on the sea, and consequently more gusty.

If the wind is light, it has also the tendency to die off earlier. The best wind directions are generally west and northwest although southwest winds do not work properly sometimes. The spot is also a good alternative for experienced free style windsurfers since the location is less crowded than other beaches, especially with less kite-surfers. However, the wind can often die early if it is light.

There are also showers and taps to wash out your gear from the salt. Windsurfing equipment can be hired right in the car park of Melville Water while training lessons are also available by experienced professionals. The spot offers free parking facilities, accommodation options and leisure facilities.