Scuba Diving in Pillars of Hercules, Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda

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The Pillars of Hercules are located on the southern side of Antigua. More specifically, they constitute the entrance to English Harbor. The Pillars of Hercules are actually rocks, carved by weather conditions. It is a spot that any diver would like to visit.

Antigua presents a wide variety of water activities. Scuba diving at Pillars of Hercules is a wonderful choice for someone who loves the seabed. You will be impressed by the great diversity of underwater life. Rare fish such as tritons horn, blue tang and sergeant majors are often found. Also the most common barracuda, snappers, moray eels, eagle rays, lobsters, reef sharks, turtles and occasionally dolphins can be observed on the spot. Colorful corals and sponges, combined with rocks, create incredible beautiful swim passages.

The average depth of this dive spot is at about 3 m/9.8 ft, while the maximum depth is at about 8 m/26.2 ft. The underwater visibility is quite good and averages from 5 m/16 ft to 10 m/32 ft. The average temperature of water is 25˚C/77˚F.  The perfect season for scuba diving is during December to April. Although, diving all year round is really usual, due to tropical storms and hurricanes, weather conditions are worsen between July and October.

The Pillars of Hercules is a dive spot that may offer an unforgettable experience to experts and the novices as well.