Wind Surfing in Rowena, Hood River, Oregon USA

Area length:
5 acres/20234 m²
intermediate, expert
Best time to visit:
May to September
Best wind direction:
west, northwest
Rowena is a world famous wind surf destination in Oregon. Located at the Columbia River Gorge, a place that has dozens of things to offer to its visitors.

This is a recreational area for the ones who wish to escape everyday routine, climb on their board and spend some leisure time near nature.

Rowena has 5 ac/20234 m² of shore to expose and it is a private area, so there is a fee at the parking lot. This is not a beginners spot, it attracts mostly intermediate surfers and experts and best months to visit are May to September. Best wind direction is west, northwest and waves are moderate. You should be cautious of slippery rocks.

If you move east at the bay from the side of Oregon, you will find a more suitable place for beginners. It is close to the city of Hood River and The Dales, where you will find plenty of accommodation.