Snorkeling in Deep Bay, Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda

Marine life:
Plenty of small fish
Water temperature:
A wreck named Andes that has sank nearly 108 years ago, is what makes Deep Bay an interesting spot for snorkeling. Deep Bay is located on the western coast of Antigua. Antigua is the biggest island of the country of Antigua and Barbuda and is placed on the north-east of Caribbean sea and on the west of Atlantic Ocean.

The wreck of the Andes in Deep Bay is just within 10 minutes away from St. John, the capital of Antigua. It’s a famous spot that attracts many snorkelers. Observing the fish swimming among the colorful corals and the shipwreck is an incredible spectacle for all snorkelers. A diversity of small fish and all sizes colorful corals in turquoise waters provide an ideal site for snorkeling. More specifically you can see eagle rays, lobsters, snappers, barracuda and moray eels. If you are lucky, you may see turtles.

The underwater visibility is quite good.The wreck lies on a depth of less than 9.1 m/30 ft below sea level. That means that it is easy for a snorkeler who dives for the first time. It is also a snorkel spot interesting for experienced too. The water temperature is very good during all time of the year and is about at 25˚C/77˚F.