Surfing in Malindi Beach, Malindi, Coast Province Kenya

1-3m (3-9ft)
Best Season:
June - September
Malindi Beach, an oasis of calm and beauty, is located at 110 km/68 mi from Mombasa City. It overlooks the Malindi Marine Park while the coral garden in the park provides with an amazing flora and fauna. It offers a stunning marine life with amazing weather all year through.

Malindi beach is the best spot for surfing in Kenya with the outer reef, attracting large swells especially in June through to September when the seasonal monsoon winds excellent breakers. Surfing here is conducive for both the novice and the expert and mainly characterized by cross/on shore winds.

Swell sizes range between 1 – 3 m/3 – 9 ft, however, to get the best waves, one might need to go a further 15 m/49 ft from the normal sized waves break.

The rips are not very strong, therefore one needs to be careful unless you find yourself further than you intended to go. Further north is the mouth to Sabaki River, though tempting, it is not advisable to go because you might encounter with hippos and crocodiles. Sea weeds are also a minor setback one needs to be cautious about.