Snowboarding in Glenshee, Aberdeenshire, Northeastern Scotland United Kingdom

Base: 2133ft / 650m, Top: 3478ft / 1060m
Max Vertical Descent:
1500ft /457m
Uplift Capacity:
15,460 per hour
Scotland's largest ski resort is based in Aberdeenshire. Glenshee Ski Center covers 790 ha/7.9 km² and with its 22 lifts and 36 runs, it's the UK's largest snow-sports resort. Mountains’ altitude can reach up to 1245 m/4084 ft, so expect to find rough conditions with quite a few black runs.

Glenshee ski center offers extensive snowboarding facilities with beginner’s, steep, freestyle and alpine terrains. It’s ideal for complete beginners while it has enough to test even the most experienced rider. It offers some of the steepest runs -Tiger, Glas Maol and Carn Aosda- and the best freestyle terrain in Scotland.

Expect sudden weather changes and be aware of possible hill evacuation. Accommodation is not a problem as there are many places around where services are provided. There are also plenty of eateries dotted around so you will never be queuing too long for food or drink. Keep in mind that there is no winter bus service and the nearest rail station is Pitlochry, 52 km /32 mi away so you will probably have to go by car like most visitors do.

All in all, whether you want to lay out some big carves, throw some moves over the jumps or simply, catch some air or check out the sport for the first time, Glenshee has it all!