Skiing in Vasilitsa, Pindos, Macedonia Region Greece

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Let's travel through forests with dark green coniferous trees, where you can admire the immortal beauty of the oak and be charmed by the acid. Where fresh air makes you younger and ready for new explorations. The snow road of the mammoth task is waiting for you. It's not the new movie of Stephen King, but the ski center of Vasilitsa. It is one of the best ski resorts in Greece, in the middle of Pindos Mountains.

Imagine how you may feel, when skiing surrounded by black pine trees. Leave everything behind you and let’s clear the snowfalls with your black thoughts as windscreen wipers.

It’s time for your show! In Vasilitsa ski center, there are 16 ski trails. The summit of the ski resort is 2113 m/6932 ft.

The first lift’s name is Fillipos, with 1016 m/3333 ft length and three pistes (first: 1040 m/3412 ft, second: 1060 m/3477 ft, third: 1680 m/5511 ft).

The second lift is Alexander the Great with 913 m/2995 ft length and four pistes (1000 m/3280 ft, 1060 m/3477 ft, 1630 m/5347 ft, 1850 m/6069 ft).

The third lift is Elimia with 1060 m/3477 ft length and five pistes (700 m/2296 ft, 1100 m/3608 ft, 1100 m/3608 ft, 2052 m/6732 ft, 2080 m/6824 ft).

The fourth lift is Migdani with 800 m/2624 ft length and one pistes (850 m/2788 ft).

The fifth lift is Timfaia with 1016 m/3333 ft length and 3 pistes (920 m/3018 ft, 1020 m/3346 ft, 1080 m/3543 ft).

There are two more lifts with baby piste. There are ski schools, in case you need an expert at your disposal.

In case you need good food, nice company and pure drinks, Grevena is at 42 km/26 mi close to the ski center. It’s the capital of Grevena regional unit in the west of Macedonia, North Greece. You can also find lovely accommodations, except from those who don’t want to go to sleep, but feel the magic of ski at night. Vasilitsa center gives the opportunity for a night ride in the frozen veil, in the Elimia lift, but only on Saturdays. So, boys and girls, don’t think about it, let’s ski.