Skiing in Elatochori, Pieria, Macedonia Region Greece

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Near the mount Olympus, you will find Elatochori, a small village, in the regional unit of Pieria, in Greece. It's located in the south of Veroia and west of Katerini. It's a place where nature gave generously all her treasures. Learn about the people in the village, by visiting the city shop, where there is a folklore collection with objects from the activities, the daily life and the habits of the villagers.

It’s a popular destination for the lovers of extreme sports. The reason is the ski center, at 8 km/4 mi from Elatochori village.

In an altitude of 1450 m/4756 ft and in a privileged location, the ski center of Elatochori is the newest one in Greece. There are 10 pistes with a varying difference of altitude and for all kind of difficulty. It has 1 aerial double seat lift, 2 sliding, and 2 baby lifts. There are ski schools in the ski center, with experts at your disposal.

You can also find ski’s equipment sale and rental shops. Have a break in the beautiful chalet and explore the three levels, with restaurant, snack bar and coffee bar. Don’t loose the opportunity to visit the monastery of St. George of Ritinis, at 5.6 km/3 mi far from the ski center. It’s an important Byzantine monument with treasures since 14th and 16th century. In the south side of Elatochori, there is a gorge. Find the chapel, where Saint Antony became a hermit.

Walk through the beautiful streets of Katerini, smell the sea perfume and leave everything behind you. Near the ski center, you can find restaurants and bars, and for your relaxing time, lovely accommodations.