Snowboarding in Timberline Lodge, Portland, Oregon USA

6000 ft / 1828.8 m
41 - 25% beginners, 50% intermediate and 25% advanced
Skiable area:
1415 ac/5.72 km²
Average snowfall:
400 - 500 in/1016-1270 cm
Timberline Lodge is a lodge and a ski area located south of Mount Hood, Oregon, at about 60 mi/96.50 km away from Portland.

This resort provides a long skiing season for its visitors, starting early in November until May. Another great thing about it is its summer snow season!

If you feel like sliding down the hills with your board in let’s say July, this is the place for you. However, note that there is limited space, due to ski race camps.

Timberline Lodge has an elevation of 6000 ft/1828.8 m, including 41 trails, separated as following: 25% of the trails are for beginners, 50% for intermediate athletes and 25% for the more advanced athletes. During winter, it has a capacity of 9869 people per hour at its 1415 ac/5.72 km² of ski area. The snowfall is estimated at 400-500 in/1016-1270 cm per year and it serves visitors with high speed lifts. It features a freestyle terrain with artificial and natural elements, perfect for practicing your freestyle techniques and jumps.

Rent your gear at the lodge and spend the night  having a nice meal at the restaurants nearby.