Snowboarding in Gulmarg Ski Resort, Jammu & Kashmir, Jammu & Kashmir India

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Top elevation:
12959 ft/3950 m
Vertical drop:
4429 ft/1350 m
Best season:
Mid December to mid April
Jammu and Kashmir is a state, located in the majestic Himalayan mountains. Sharing borders with China in the east and north and Pakistan in the northwest and west, the area is known for its amazing landscapes, such as the Kashmir valley and the bio geographical diversity with a wide range of elevations, subtropical pine forests and the endless, northwestern Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows.

Gulmarg is a small mountainous resort town, situated at the western end of Himalayas, in the Pir Panjal mountain range and it overlooks the Valley of Kashmir, Nanga Parbat and other distinct peaks. Considered to be “the heartland of winter sports in India”, Gulmarg is a unique major ski resort and attracts skiers from all over the world, as it combines incredible natural beauty, endless ski slopes, good quality powder snow and low prices.

Home to the second highest six seater gondola lift in the world, the top elevation of the resort reaches up to a height of 12959 ft/3950 m, while it has a vertical drop of 4429 ft/1350 m. Facing the western end of the highest peaks, it receives big amounts of snowfall from mid December and this is when the snowboarding season is on.

There are runs available for all skill levels. The phase 2 run is suitable for advanced snowboarders and is 1.2 mi/2 km long, while offering a vertical drop of 2296 ft/700 m. Phase 1 is suitable for intermediate snowboarders and runs through wooded hills for 1.8 mi/3 km and for beginners, phase 3 has three “baby” slopes with various difficulties and ski lifts.

There are many instructors and guides available, as well as gear rentals, a snack bar, avalanche control and rescue services. Despite the fact that there are no terrain parks, half pipes, snow making and X-Country facilities in Gulmarg, this place is one of the wildest ski resorts in the world, as it provides numerous untouched, off piste runs in an extraordinary scenery. So don’t miss the opportunity to visit Gulmarg and the Himalayas for a one in a lifetime snowboarding adventure!