Rock Climbing in Zilnia, Pieria, Macedonia Region Greece

Skill Level:
Mostly Spring-Autumn
Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, known worldwide for its mythological importance, as according to the religion of the ancient Greeks, the 12 "Olympian" gods lived there. Located in Pieria region, on the borders of Macedonia and Thessaly, this incredible mountainous massif has a number of peaks with the highest of all, called Mytikas, reaching a top elevation of 9573 ft / 2918 m and is surrounded by deep gorges and areas of outstanding biodiversity.

Zilnia is situated only a few kilometers away from the picturesque city of Litochoro and is considered to be one of the most historical rock climbing sites of northern Greece. There is a great variety of routes, from traditional to hard rock, ranging between 120 m/393.6 ft and 300 m/984 ft. The majority of the routes are equipped with bolts and pitons, but there are also some older routes that need the use of traditional gear.

The spot accommodates beginners and more experienced climbers as well, from IV to VIII (UIAA). ”The Moment of Truth” is probably the most popular route here that is appropriate for experienced climbers. The optimum periods to perform this adventurous sport are mostly spring and autumn months. So, leave your negative thoughts behind, breath fresh air and enjoy the great views of the landscape from the top of the Zilnia crag.