Snow Kiting in Björkliden Ski Resort, Kiruna, Sweden

Best time to visit:
Until the end of May
Skill level:
Intermediate and advanced
Björkliden lies at 250 km/155 mi inside the Arctic Circle. It's one of the world's northernmost ski resort where modern ski has been born.

Snow Kitting is an outdoor winter sport where you use the kite power to glide on snow and ice. There are endless possibilities in the resort and nearby area for snow kiting.

Kite on Vassitjåkka mountain, near the resort, the mountains soft shape and ravines full of snow make them perfect for this kind of sport. Next to the resort, there is Tornetrask lake while many smaller ones are all over the area. Even when the resort is full of skiers at high season time, kitting is not a problem.

The wild area of the resort with lots of open spaces will get you on air in no time. Plenty of space around the resort and plenty of time during the longer lasting days are the pros of this area. There are many services in the resort like medical support, kids area, ski lodging and more.