Skiing in Riksgränsen Ski Resort, Kiruna, Sweden

Vertical drop:
387m / 1269 ft
Highest altitude:
909 m / 2982 ft (Riksgransfjallet)
Riksgransen ski resort is located in Kiruna Municipality, Lapland, Sweden. The spot is located at 200 km/124 mi in the north of the Arctic Circle and in the vicinity of the Norwegian borders. The spot is considered to be the ultimate destination for snow fans since the spot is Sweden's longest snow covered location.

Riksgränsen is Sweden’s most legendary ski resort with lifts, operating from February to midsummer. There are plenty of cropped and winding pistes, but what this resort is famous for, it’s the off-piste ski trails. Visit the spot on May, a period of the year where sun almost never sets down and enjoy skiing under the midnight sun all day long! The temperature until May is very low, often reaching at -20°C/-4°F (January and February).

At the resort there are 29 pistes available to the skiers. 4 green, 4 blue 7 red and 14 blacks. Ski on Blueberry Hill, a blue piste where in summer there are growing blueberries and in winter it is transformed in an easy slop for beginners. There are also organized off-piste guided tours almost all week. You will experience skiing on the wild slopes of the area, with experts knowing the mountain trails and paths, avalanche equipment is included.

You can move across the pistes on 6 ski lifts, with Nordalsliften being the longest one (1350 m/4429 ft long) and a vertical drop of 300 m/984 ft. Riksgransen resort has many services available like training schools for avalanche, cafe and restaurant, medical facilities and resting areas.